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Unleash the exponential value of circularity and interdependence.

The Local Advantage

Instead of investing in individual companies, we invite you to invest in an ecosystem of interdependent micro-business working together to create a circular economy within their local neighbourhood.
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Concept diagram demonstrating how we plan to put rural-urban-circularity into action

Our Portfolio

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Flex.d Furniture


We are designing and manufacturing our own collection of modular and reusable furniture. 


We are exploring how we can use new technologies to grow more food locally rather than relying on foreign imports.



We want to create Circularoo clubs where local communities can buy food and products in bulk without any packaging. 

Mr. Bloom


A cooperatively owned local online shop that sells flowers, plants and health products.

Wild Hotel


We plan to transform farmland into wild hotels where our members and guest can escape the city and be in nature.



A digital bazaar where our members can trade and swap and share pretty much anything within the community.

Real Estate Rebels


A curated network of innovators / disruptors who work in the real estate industry in London.



Tackling age segregation and building intergenerational communities and affordable housing.

Circular UK Ltd


All of the above micro-businesses will be owned and managed by Circular UK (the parent company behind HOT Spaces). We will be establishing partnerships with local farmers and chefs to provide healthy, plastic-free, affordable and seasonal food to our members. We also have access to farmland and warehouses in Peterborough and will be exploring how we can prototype rural-urban-circularity.

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