What happens at the House of Transformation?

We created House of Transformation because we believe that the office should be more than just a place for working. It should be a place for creativity, collaboration, human connection, wellbeing, learning and most importantly for building community. House of Transformation is a space for collective learning and experimentation where we provide so much more than a flexible desk to work from during the day. Instead, we have curated a programme of events and experiences that we believe will help members of our community to Work Better Together.

We have thought carefully about how to create flow states and enhance productivity. We have also designed the space to be flexible and as a result affordable with events that can be run not only during working hours but also on evenings and weekends. We also believe in the fusion of work and life, encouraging professional and social interactions. Coming to work shouldn't feel like work. It should be fun and exciting. It should feel like a real community.

And so with this in mind let's go through the various event formats and templates shown in our program above;


Mindful mornings is a silent space to have breakfast and do self-work with gentle music in the background. This time is for you to do that reading, that dreaming, that meditation, that strategic thinking and that dream project that you have been putting off. We also hope to host wellness events such as yoga, sound healing and meditation during these sessions. Please get in touch if you wish to host a class.


Work Better Together is a timeshare that can be booked on a regular basis by companies who have decided to fully embrace working from home and just need access to a space for team meetings and workshops. When our space is not booked by a company or for an event our members can drop in for some coworking.

Program Days are set aside for educational workshops and programs. Some of these workshops and programs will led by our team and will be open to our community, while others will be closed to companies and clients.

Mastermind Brunch is an event that is built around the simple idea of instant feedback. One or more participants present an idea or problem. Everyone else comes up with instant feedback and ways that they could help. HOT TOPIC Brunch is another networking format where we focus on the conversation on a specific topic. We will be hosting these midday networking events on a monthly basis.


MONDAYS - Sound Healing. An experience that combines meditation and movement. The Liquid Gold journey is 90 minutes long - 30 minutes of movement and dance, followed by 60 minutes of the Liquid Gold sound bath. We will then offer tea so that we can have some time to meet each other and reflect on the journey. Sound Healing is a powerful meditative practice that can help reduce anxiety and enhance wellbeing. It's a great way to begin the week.

TUESDAYS - The Stage is (Y)ours is an evening for showcasing emerging writers, artists and performers. Think book launches, exhibitions, fashion shows, music performances, indy documentary viewings and more.

WEDNESDAYS - HOT TABLE dinners follow a Jeffersonian format where there is only one conversation happening in the room. This creates a unique active listen space, where everyone is given an opportunity to respond to a specific theme and set of questions. No sales pitches or introductions. We discover each other through passionate and open dialogue.

THURSDAYS - Ecstatic Jam is an intimate ecstatic dance event for up to 24 people. We will dance for up to 90min and then for those who wish to stay we will provide some tea and an opportunity to talk about the dance we shared and deepen the connection even further. Dance can be an incredible catalyst for building community and sparking long-term friendship.

FRIDAYS - Immersive Experiences is a ticketed event that we co-create with chefs, performers, musicians and artists. Each experience will have a storyline and will be designed to not only engage our senses and emotions but also connect with fellow guests. We want to experiment with the idea of a connected party, where we re-imagine the bar and clubbing experience to create a safe space to connect and play into the night.


SATURDAYS - (Un)conference Days are usually held on the weekend. Think TEDx and urban retreats. From keynotes presentations, to discussion panels and design thinking workshops, our space can host an unconference event for up to 40 participants. Once we have our first Wild Hotel, we will look to host these unconference event in nature just outside of the city.

We will also be hosting our Re:alignment Workshops for HOT SCHOOL members on Saturdays.

SUNDAYS - Community (Church) is a day that we open up to the local community. We will begin with 'Friendly' gatherings for neighbours to meet and listen to each other's stories and perspectives on how to improve their local neighbourhood. The best ideas are then taken forward into a 'Collaboratory' format which is designed to create practical solutions and working groups that citizen's in the network can participate in. Imagine inviting small business owners to present their challenges and then having a diverse network of engaged citizens using their skills to help out. We could even go one step further and facilitate collaborations between local businesses through a local accelerator programme, creating shared digital tools and resources that can deliver immediate and tangible value.

Alongside this weekly program we will be working toward the following larger events such as H:FEST and re:build.

If you would like to book our space, host an event, co-create a workshop or join our community then please email hello@hotspaces.org .


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