Transforming countryside barns into remote coliving and coworking destinations

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  • It is extremely slow and expensive to get planning permission for housing development in the UK, although regulations may be slightly reduced by by Boris’s ‘Build Build Build’ and ‘Planning in Principle’ agenda

  • The UK’s agricultural planning laws allow for the permitted development of a 1000m2 barn on agricultural land as well as an additional residential dwelling each year without the need of expensive and lengthy planning applications

  • With Brexit the Basic Payment Scheme is going to be phased out leaving farmers and land owners looking for alternative business models

  • With COVID there is a growing demand from Londoners to have access to property in the countryside


Our Solution

Instead of building homes in the traditional way, we propose a ‘Wild Hotel’ model where communities co-invest in buying agricultural land and then leveraging their permitted development rights to provide coliving and coworking facilities on their land. By bringing together regenerative landscape design with the latest modular construction methods, we can create a real alternative to buying a city apartment or a suburban townhouse. Wild Hotel can become a scalable investment opportunity as well as a first step towards establishing regenerative cohousing villages.


The next step in our Circular UK vision is to find agricultural land within a few hours of London where we could build or renovate a large barn into a Wild Hotel with stunning edible landscapes, multi-level living pods and nature-inspired multi-use communal spaces. These Wild Hotels can then be rented out to coliving communities and also used as an event space for weddings and retreats.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact anton@hotspaces.org


Unit 4, 222 Kingsland Road
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Mon-Sun : 7:30am - 10.30pm

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