WildHotel is an eco-tourism and conservation business that creates places and experiences for people of all ages to reconnect with nature and unleash their creativity.


Wild Hotel offers something raw and real; a place in nature where you can co-create your own experience, get your hands dirty and learn something new. 


From building tiny houses and tree-houses to learning about permaculture and ecology, there will always be something fun to learn and get involved in.


At the core of every Wild Hotel will be a core group of families and founding members who get the opportunity to invest in and participate in the co-design and ecological regeneration of the landscape.

This is what will make each Wild Hotel feel unique and authentic.

The next step in our Circular UK vision is to find agricultural land within a few hours of London where we could build or renovate a large barn into a Wild Hotel with stunning edible landscapes, multi-level living pods, multi-use communal spaces and tiny house accommodation. These Wild Hotels can then be rented out to coliving communities and also used as an event space for weddings and retreats.


If you are interested to learn more, please contact anton@hotspaces.org


Unit 4, 222 Kingsland Road
E2 8AX


Mon-Sun : 7:30am - 10.30pm

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