Our Locations


What makes a HOT space unique?

Instead of opening a big building and then looking for the people and organisations to fill it, we start with understanding the unique needs of our members and then we look for a space to match those needs.


Every HOT space is setup as a cooperative, where the founding members and organisations co-create their own unique culture of living and working together in collaboration with our HOT spaces team.


We have partnered with First Call to support us in the design and fit out of every HOT space. We will be designing and making our own unique mix of colourful, sustainable and multi-functional furniture that we hope will create an inspiring and unique working and meeting experience.


We will be establishing partnerships with local farmers and chefs to provide healthy, affordable and seasonal food to our members. 

We have access to farmland and warehouses in Peterborough and will be exploring how we can prototype rural-urban-circularity as part of the long term vision of Circular UK (the parent company of HOT spaces).

Affordable Pricing


Our multi-use model allows us to offer genuinely affordable access to space for the businesses that need it most.



Daytime Membership


We sell daytime memberships to small business who use the space during working hours



Evenings & Weekend Space Hire


On evenings & weekends we either rent our spaces for an hourly fee or we host our own series of community events


Looking for a new private office?

There are hundreds of all-inclusive flexible office spaces in London. They all talk about community and value for money, but do they actually deliver on this promise?

We don't think so. That's why we have created the HOT SPACES PARTNERSHIP, where we partner with SMEs and larger organisations to open a brand new personalised HOT-inspired private office. If you are thinking about upsizing, downsizing or just trying something new please get in touch. 

Our Ethos


Read more about how we approach designing coworking spaces and communities...


"We made the bold decision to get rid of everything that is not essential and focus on the things that matter most; the things that really add value to a small business or creative freelancer." 

Tell us what you need


Most flexible workspace operators start by opening an office first and then looking for people and organisations to fill it. We start with the people first and then we look for the right space. This is how we deliver genuine value for money and avoid unnecessary costs and expenses. 


To sign up as a future HOT SPACES member please complete the following questionnaire to help us understand your office needs. Once we have a good mix of freelancers and SME's wanting to join a HOT space in a particular neighbourhood or location we will begin our search. 

Any Questions? Contact:


We will be launching our first pilot space in Hoxton in late 2020.