We're re:building a future that works for 100% of life

House of Transformation is community event and workspace located in East London that is dedicated to hosting transformational events and developing regenerative projects and places.

To get discounted early bird access to our post-lockdown events please contribute to our H:FEST campaign.

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Host your next event or workshop with us

Available to rent by the hour, day and month




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We are co-creating a festival of post-lockdown evening and weekend events dedicated to TRANSFORMATION.

H:FEST is for anyone who has started to questions the status quo during lockdown and wants to go deeper and explore what comes next with others. H:FEST is also a safe space to release the social anxiety and frustration that we have been carrying. We are all human. We all get lonely and exhausted from too much time in front of our screens. Let's dine, let’s dance and have some fun whilst co-creating with new friends and neighbours in a more mindful, creative and intentional way.

If this sounds intriguing then please reserve your place by investing in and promoting our crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive.

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We are co-creating online festivals and physical gatherings around the theme of building regenerative villages.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote working, freeing millions to choose where they live without constraint. It has also awakened in so many of us the desire to live differently; closer to nature and in community.


re:build brings together community groups, village developers, investors, architects, landscape designers, scientists, ecologists, lawyers, housing manufacturers, farmers, artists, musicians, spiritual leaders, green energy specialists, regulators and traditional real-estate developers.


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