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Safety First With Zuko!

(Our Security & Safety Manager)

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My name is Zuko and I am responsible for Safety and Security at HoT Spaces. I watch quietly and report anything unusual to my supervisors.I also like to  give a good sniff to all newcomers.

I may enjoy mud baths on my own time, but when it comes to work, I don't kid around with health and safety. With the rest of the team, we are committed to offer a safe space to our guests and members.


We stay updated on the government’s regulations and recommendations and are communicating our own guidelines to all our members and guests.


  • At the moment we are not accepting any event of more than 30 people and actually advise around 20 guests maximum in our space at once.


  • For each event we assess, together with the host, the risks and solutions we can put in place to create a safe environment 



  • We ask everyone to respect social distancing during events when possible


  • We have increased cleaning of the shared spaces and surfaces as well as have available hand sanitizer in multiple locations. 


  • We also offer the possibility to host virtual events from our space

If you have any concern or questions regarding Security and Safety at HoT Spaces, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer promptly (please disregard the typaws). 

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