Ethos is a Greek word meaning "character". It is used to describe the values and behaviours that characterise a community.

Building Transformational


What is our Ethos?
At HOT we deliberately choose to invest in the complex and sometimes messy work of building community. We do this because we believe in the transformational power that real community brings. That’s why we chose the name ‘HOT’, which is short for House of Transformation. Community isn’t something we talk about because it is in fashion. It is the foundation of everything we do.

Our spaces are designed to be as sustainable and flexible as possible. They transform from being an office in the day into a community-led event space on evenings and weekends. This enables us to optimise the use of the space and as a result provide greater affordability to all our workspace and community members. 

Our management approach is to cut back on everything that is not essential. We get rid of the bored 24/7 receptionist sitting in the oversized and underused entrance lobbies. We also intentionally search for smaller, more intimate and less central locations which make it possible for like minded small teams and freelancers to work closer to home, reduce their overheads and avoid the stressful rush hour commute. A HOT space should feel like a home away from home, not a hotel. 

Our Universal 'House of Transformation' Values* Are;


We expect a certain level of community engagement


We don't ignore selfish or rude behaviour


We celebrate and reward generosity


We encourage creativity and play

*Each HOT space will undoubtedly have its own unique culture and values that we do not want to interfere with. The universal values above address the behaviours that we believe will be consistent across all of our HOT spaces and communities.

It is critical for each HOT space to be upfront and clear in communicating and enforcing its values and expectations. If a member does not meet those values and expectations they should and will be asked to leave.

Our intention is for all HOT spaces to eventually grow into cooperatively owned self-run coworking communities. This might seem strange to you at first... after all why should you pay to then have the extra work of office management?

This is where we have a different approach to most coworking operators. We believe that collective responsibly is the secret 'HOT' sauce for building transformational community. By having members share some of the management responsibilities we are able to establish stronger community bonds and sow the seeds of a high-trust collaborative culture.

If done right the experience of participating in a self-run workplace community can be transformational, for both you and your organisation. Your office begins to feel more like a team, rather than a room full of strangers working alone in a shared office space. That's why we choose to do things differently. 


If you like our approach and want to learn more please don't hesitate to Contact us.


We would love to learn more about who you are and what you do. Maybe in time we could co-design and launch a HOT SPACE together.