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Voice of Gaia Anytime Audio
`Vocie of Gaia Dinner Audio
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“In a billionths of a second and 14.7 billion years ago all the universe became exploding energy. Energy attracted energy and formed atoms spinning through space and time, working at the speed of light over millennia, creating billions of galaxies. One of those galaxies was our Milky Way and halfway along one of its spiral arms, the sun was born and around the sun, planets coalesced. One of those planets, where it was not too hot and not too cold, became our home, Planet Earth.

To help our human minds grasp the cosmic times we’re dealing with since the beginning of Planet Earth - that is to say 4.6 billion years ago - let us imagine Earth as a woman of 46 years. Let’s call her Gaia. We will now use her life, which is cosmically ours as well - to trace the story of this small blue dot that we call our home.”

Food is so much more than just a fuel. It is an art form that can stir our emotions and become a catalyst for change.

Voice of Gaia challenges the conventions of fine dining. Instead of private tables we have communal tables. Instead of individual plates we have sharing platters. Instead of going to a restaurant, we prefer to think of our experience as being more like going to the theatre.

Are you ready to awaken your senses and experience vegetarian and vegan food like never before?

Join us for a magical and immersive dining experience.

Capacity : 18-30 people. Hosted at the House of Transformation.

This dinner is designed to engage your senses and leave you a little bit more inspired and hopeful than when you first arrived. You will be taken on a journey from the beginning of the time to the present moment and beyond. If you would like to sign up to the waiting list please email

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