Guest Info
Everything you need to know when booking or using our space


House of Transformation

Password : Reimagine2020

Lock Box

You can find the lock box outside. We will send you the code privately. Please makes sure to return the key into the lockbox when you leave or check out.

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Smart Lights

The space has over 20 smart lights. Please use the smart phone by the entrance to control the lights. Just open the Smart Home app shown below and swipe the coloured rectangular tabs at the top to switch between options. It may take a bit of time to load, just be patient. If some of the lights don't change to the right colour then select the same tab again. The smart phone needs to be plugged in as it shuts down when unplugged.

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Projector, Sound & Curtains

Connect to the speakers via bluetooth connection NS-20G. To connect the projector you need to use the HDMI cable to the right of the stage. You also need to make sure the white cord is plugged into the AUX amp behind the stage using the stage door on the left if you want to play audio through the HDMI cable.


Use the white remote to turn on the projector. Use the black remote pointing to the sensor on the top left of the stage to activate the screen. The projector is strong enough to show a clear image even during daylight. Please me mindful of the noise levels as we are in a residential building. No loud music after 10.30pm please.

To close the curtains please use the long pole that you can see next to the stage. Please open the curtains again when you leave and be mindful of the plants.

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Tables, Recycling, Shower & Stairs

We have 4 oak table tops with adjustable legs. You can use the Alan keys in the entrance staircase to change between small and long legs. Please be careful when moving the tables as they are heavy. The first two steps can also be removed by unbolting if you need more space.

There are three bins. One for compost and two bins for recycling and general rubbish. The bin on the left is for recycling. If a bin in full you can put the waste bags into the refuse room from the street. Use the code C6948X to access the building's refuse room. 

Please also take your shoes off when using the stairs and upper levels, and ask your guest to do the same. When using the shower, please be careful with the door as it is not properly attached. The shower works great, you just need to be a little bit careful when stepping in and out.

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We have put a lot of love into our space. Please treat it as if it were an extension of your own home. If you have any questions please send an email or message to / +447976049046

Thank you