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Future Vision


After a year of experimentation and testing we are ready to take House of Transformation to the next level. We have a proven product and business model that can be replicated across the world. However, we don't want to scale in the old way. We want to create a platform and that enables businesses and communities to create their own HOT spaces. 





In 2020, the estimated value of the global commercial real estate market was approximately 32.6 trillion U.S. dollars. The World’s cryptocurrencies are now worth more than $3 trillion. Hundreds of billions of dollars is being invested to support action against climate change. The pandemic has created a unique opportunity to create the next WeWork unicorn.


What if this unicorn was not a traditional company that makes a few people very rich, but rather a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) that creates jobs, plants trees, educates generations and unites communities across the world?


A platform and incubator for launching a HOT SPACE DAO micro-franchise.

Landlords & property owners register their commercial spaces with us

Community leaders apply to create a HOT DAO in their city, town or village.

Builders, artists, lawyers & designers register to join our talent network.

Investors buy HOT coins to create an investment fund for launching HOT DAOs

We match community leaders to spaces and provide them with everything they need to successfully and sustainably launch and run their own HOT SPACE franchise. 

We only launch a new HOT DAO once due diligence is complete, a lease agreement has been signed and a clear business plan and marketing campaign is in place. Each HOT DAO will issue an NFT that is tied to a lease agreement for the space. We then launch a crowdfunding campaign that accepts all forms of digital currency in exchange for tokens that will represent ownership and voting rights.

In some cases we will match fund with our own HOT coins. Up to 20% of the tokens in each new HOT DAO will be held by a parent DAO that will be responsible for building the platform and ecosystem.

The purpose of using a DAO structure is to enable a much wider pool of investors and stakeholders to easily participate in the crowdfunding process without expensive transaction fees and legal costs. It also makes it easier to reward in kind contributions through tokens rather than upfront payment. There is also the possibility of linking tokens to timesharing, where tokens can be exchanged for use of the space at a discounted rate. By ensuring that all legal agreements and financial transactions are published on the blockchain, there is a higher level of trust between landlord, tenant and customer.

The DAO structure will provide landlords with the equivalent of a covenant or a deposit, which will reduce the risk, share the rewards and align incentives between all stakeholders.

We aim to raise EIS / SEIS funding in 2022 to build out this DAO platform and run our first HOT SPACES incubator programme for landlords and community leaders.

Questions? Want to partner? Want to sign up?

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