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Co-creating a shared home and sanctuary in East London

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Our names are Morgane and Anton. We are a married couple in our thirties with a very cuddly Mountain Bernese pup called Zuko. We met back in 2017, whilst living in a coliving house called K9 in the center of Stockholm with 50 other people in a self-run intentional coliving community.


We love the Haggerston / De Beauvoir / Hackney area and have been living at 218 Kingsland Road for the past couple of years. Last year, during lockdown we setup an event and work space called House of Transformation. This is a great space for coworking and hosting events. However, we still miss the magic of living with others in a more intentional way. 

That's why we are planning on renting a 3-4 bed townhouse not too far from House of Transformation from 1st Nov, with a private garden for Zuko, and are looking for another couple and 1-2 more singles to share this little adventure with. We are also open to joining a house share if it feels right. We would be willing to pay between £1000-1500/month for a double room.

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We will be going to re:build in early September (a small festival and network that we co-founded). When we are back we will start looking for townhouses to rent. We found this place that was already rented out. This place, this place and this place are also in line with what we are looking for with a rent of between £3,000-4000/month. However, we need the move in date to be closer to 1st November if possible.

Our vision for PROJECT TOWNHOUSE is to create a sanctuary where we can disconnect from the intensity of urban life. We want to co-create a magical garden and cosy shared living space. We want to fill the house with colourful art and beautiful plants. However, above all else we want to co-create a culture where we support each other to live with more work life balance, creative flow and appreciation of the little things that give meaning and colour to our lives. We want to establish the habit of sharing at least one meal a week as a tribe and perhaps a weekend retreat every couple of months so that we continue to connect and grow together as a community. We also want to be more intentional with the food we eat and the waste we produce. It's much easier and cheaper to live more regeneratively if we do it together.

For this reason, we will also include a small house budget to everyone's rent that will enable us to cover the costs of these shared activities and encourage us to create more experiences together. We will also have access to House of Transformation to experiment in. 

If this vision for a home resonates with you, then please email; and We would love to meet with you and explore the possibility of living together.

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