Co-creating Regenerative Villages

in the wilds of east anglia

A Hub for Innovation

We are re-imagining the village of Somerleyton as a canvas for human connection, creativity and positive change.


Our vision is to inspire a post-lockdown regenerative recovery that addresses the systemic and interconnected challenges that we face as a nation. We are inviting people and organisations from across the world to partner and work with us to create an innovation hub in Somerleyton dedicated to regenerative business and community living.

Affordable  for Families

We are designing and developing a multi-generational cohousing model that can provide an affordable and transformational place to live for young families and older generations. Through sharing resources we can make life easier, healthier, happier and much more magical. 

Rent to Buy

Our goal is to start by renting and renovating existing buildings and offering temporary seasonal coliving and coworking. This will enable us to test the waters, nurture local relationships and co-create a collective vision and blueprint for the village that works for everyone. 

How to get there?

Somerleyton is located by the coastline of Suffolk. You catch a train from Liverpool Street Station to Norwich and then change to get to Somerleyton. 


A Wild Village is a place to...


We are on a mission to reconnect people with the natural world and awaken the wildness and creativity that exists within them


We offer something for every generation and invite you and your chosen family to become co-creators of your own unique experience


We are are launching a smart village co-creation hub and coliving incubator that will enable us to showcase new regenerative business models 


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Learn about our wider vision for how we can kickstart a post-lockdown regenerative economic recovery.

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Coliving, Coworking & Events


We a co-creating a regenerative entrepreneurship programme designed to ignite the creativity and imagination of young people by reconnecting them with nature whilst also learning essential business and life skills.


We are pioneering a new wave of eco-tourism that will combine tiny houses with art forests and edible landscapes. We are re-imagining the hotel model to create venues that are ideal for co-created conferences and retreats.


We are part of the WILD EAST movement to reconnect rural and urban communities and kickstart an economic recovery that will regenerate our fragile natural ecosystems and create thousands of green jobs.


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