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Would you like to join our
Cohousing Tribe?

Our Invitation

Back in 2017, without a word, we danced. We were living in a coliving house in the center of Stockholm with 50 other people in a self-run intentional coliving community. 


Although we seemed like very different people on the outside, on the inside we shared a common dream for how we wanted to live and the type of family we hoped to build.


Neither of us wanted to live in a conventional nuclear family life where we spend most of our time working to pay for an overpriced private home in an isolated suburban neighbourhood with our future kids going to a competitive private school that is trapped within a broken model of education. That life just didn’t make any sense to us. 


Our dream is to live in a place where we feel connected with nature and its wild forests, lakes and landscapes whilst also living in a thriving multi-generational community of creative, entrepreneurial and likeminded people.


We don’t want to start a cult or a commune. We don’t think of ourselves as hippies. We don’t want to be disconnected from the modern world. We just want to live with people from all ages and cultures and enjoy the infinite depth that a life shared with others can bring. We had a taste of this life in Sweden and although not everything was perfect we loved the experience and the learning and growth that came with coliving in this way.


There are a few things that are important for us. 


We want to be connected to our friends and family in London and around the world. We have a space in London called House of Transformation with a guest room that we can use when we need to be in the city. We also want to live in a village where we can travel by bike and rail. We don’t own a car and we don’t drive. Being within cycle and walking distance to a train station is really important. We also have a mountain bernese dog called Zuko who is super social. We want him to enjoy coliving with other pups too.


Our vision is to live in a small cohousing tribe that is part of a larger regenerative village. Within our tribe we will have our own private homes, spaces and rooms. However, we will also share a large communal kitchen and a large garden which we can transform into a wild playground (for kids and adults alike), a food forest and a permaculture farm. 


We want to eat together as often as possible, with each member cooking for the tribe once a week. We would like to start living with a minimum of 5-6 people and then slowly grow to a core community of around 20 people. We feel that 20 people is a good number to keep a strong community presence even if some of us are travelling abroad or into London from time to time.


As well as living together as a chosen family we also want to build together; art, sculptures, festivals, wild schools, tiny houses, regenerative businesses and more. We want to be part of a larger regenerative village building movement and share our tools and expertise with the world. We aren’t coming to the village to retire, but to build and shape the future. This dance between being and doing is what will make living together so inspiring and rewarding. We want to get our hands dirty and learn how to grow our own food. We want to build art and host epic events. We want to become good friends with our neighbours and make a positive social, environmental and economic impact in the place where we live. 

Village Location

We have chosen to partner with the owners of Somerleyton Estate in Suffolk. You can read more about the wider vision and strategy in our whitepaper. The owner of Somerleyton Estate is Hugh Crossley and he also founded a charity called Wild EastSomerleyton is located by the coastline of Suffolk. You catch a train from Liverpool Street Station to Norwich and then change to get to Somerleyton. 

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There are still lots of things that we don’t know about the future home and village that we wish to create; but we are eager to try things out and welcome new ideas and suggestions. 


We want to start by renting Home Farm (6 bedroom house) with a small committed group. We know that moving to a new place and making a commitment to live with others is a huge step. Perhaps a good way to start is to spend a week or two coliving at House of Transformation. More about that later.


We want to attract investment and initiate new regenerative businesses and developments within the village. We will tell you more about this when we meet.


We have also defined five values that we feel are necessary for a community to last. These values resonate with us but we will be looking to refresh and reword them once more people join. Values need to be felt and co-created by everyone involved.




We take our time to make decisions and we commit to those decisions. For a community to thrive we must truly trust each other and this trust takes time and a lot of honest communication to build.




We borrow this word from a wonderful organisation called Venn. It represents an integral approach to wellbeing that encompasses health, belonging and purpose.




We honour the artist that exists within each of us. We inspire each other. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and strive to co-create moments of play and joy.




A state of pure flow. However, a lot of effort is required to enable effortlessness. It demands self-awareness and self-mastery through the practice of deep listening, speaking from the heart and trusting our deeper intuition.




We strive to live and work in full alignment with nature's principles. Regeneration at its core is the act of living in a way that replenishes the earth rather than exploits and destroys it.

We will be exploring different co-ownership and governance models. We also want to find creative ways to generate additional income through hosting workshops, retreats and festivals, as well as building tiny houses, glamping facilities and growing vegetables for sale. There are many options and we are excited to find the best solution together as a community.



Read Our Whitepaper

This should provide you with useful context about the wider vision that we are working towards.

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