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We invite you to join us in developing a monthly practice of self:reflection & collective action

Have you ever read a personal development book, taken a leadership course or attended a wellness retreat? You come out feeling energised with a clear sense of purpose and then a few months or even a year later you just end up falling back into the same old habits and lifestyle.

We have designed a one day workshop that combines a few of the most effective coaching exercises (e.g. Whole-being Wheel, Lifeline Mapping, Purpose & Values Alignment, Smart Goal Setting and Mastermind Groups) that we have encountered over the years.


Our idea is simple; we do the same workshop and exercises every month and then after a year we review and compare the results. This monthly practice can take place online or in person. We will also have a digital space where we can stay connected and support each other.

Co-facilitators & Co-founders of


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Anton Chernikov


Designer, entrepreneur and property developer.

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Morgane Oléron


Community builder, writer and yoga teacher


Personal & Professional


Our program of monthly workshops will be launching on Sat 23rd January 2021

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Why are we doing this?

For the past few months since opening our space we have been asking ourselves what would be the most relevant and useful way to deliver personal and professional development for people who live and work in the busy city of London. London is a young, creative and entrepreneurial place and on any given weekend or evening there are a wide range of options to choose from.

We came to the conclusion everything that we create at THE HOT SCHOOL needs to be adaptable to the busy lifestyles that we all lead. It also needs to be affordable and accessible to ensure a diversity of participants. And most importantly it needs to be personalised and action-orientated.


This is where we believe House of Transformation can make the biggest contribution; providing a space, a structure and a community that enables people to develop their own monthly practice of self-reflection and collective action.

How it works

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HOTSCHOOL-03 copy.png

The intention behind each of these repeatable monthly workshops is to give you an opportunity to slow down, tune into your body, re:align with your purpose, re:flect on your relationships and re:focus on what matters most. 


We will be hosting in person workshops on Saturdays at the House of Transformation. 

If you cannot make it then you can always do the workshop online and join us the next month. 

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