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Crowdfunding Pivot

A message to everyone who supported our H:FEST crowdfunding campaign.



Thank you for your generous contribution to our SpaceHive campaign.


We achieved our goal of 20% funding and over 50 backers in the first two weeks of the campaign. However, the Mayor of London decided not to back our campaign. I have asked for feedback but I assume it is because we were too focussed on the events side and were limited by the landlord in our use of the courtyard.


Anyways, there is a silver lining. We managed to get £3,627 from 75 backers which is more than I expected for the first phase of the campaign.


My plan now is to cancel the Spacehive campaign and invite everyone who contributed to send their pledge directly to House of Transformation via the following payment options so as to avoid unnecessary transaction fees...


  1. Pay via this link

  2. Paypal (family and friends option)

  3. Bank transfer to

    Circular UK Ltd




Your contribution will go towards making a few furniture upgrades to our space (e.g. CNC exhibition walls, decorations and flex benches / sofas) and the purchase of silent disco headsets so we can host more outdoor dance events.


We are still fully committed to co-creating an exciting post-lockdown programme of events at House of Transformation and have some great news to share with you;


  1. We have partnered with a stunning village estate called Somerleyton to launch a project called Wild Hotel. Read the attached whitepaper to learn more.

  2. We are co-hosting the re:build online festival between 30th April - 2nd May with partners that include Buckminster Fuller Institute, Future Thinkers, Terran Collective, Burning Man, Singularity University, Regen Villages, Gaianet, Regen Network and more.

  3. We are still planning to host a H:FEST weekend gathering in partnership with The Halley once things reopen in June. Nothing changes. We will host a co-creation workshop in April to plan the event in more detail. Even the Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville funded our campaign! (possible partnership opportunity perhaps)


Thank you for your support.



We have now setup our own crowdfunding page so that we can continue the campaign.

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