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HoT Talks #001 - Marmalade Lane - What's it like to create and live in a real co-housing community?

Marmalade Lane is an award winning cohousing development on the outskirts of Cambridge. There's even a Guardian article that defers to it as a car-free, triple-glazed, 42-house oasis. However, there is no better perspective to listen to than from the people who are actually living there day to day.

For our first HoT Talk, I speak to Frances and Vincent, two residents living at Marmalade Lane, about their experience. We dive into the importance of cultivating strong relationships through neighbourhood projects and an abundance of communal spaces to co-create and look after. However, above all else there needs to be a clear intention, sense of purpose and commitment to live in community from the outset. At Marmalade Lane there was a long shared journey where residents met their neighbours and influenced the design process. This is what built such a strong culture.

Hope you enjoy the watch...

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