Crowdfunding for Coworking Spaces

Interview with Anton Chernikov for the UK Coworking Assembley

Why is crowdfunding such a powerful tool for launching a community space?

What are the things you need to know before you start?

  • Using WhatsApp groups and zoom to codesign and launch your campaign.

  • Leveraging match funding.

  • Hacking the promo video using Canva and a smartphone.

  • Integration with Donorbox vs using external platforms.

On this call, Anton Chernikov, the founder of House of Transformation and UK Coworking Assembly, will share his story and his experience of crowdfunding during the lockdown.

Coworking spaces have long evolved from just being a shared space with tables and chairs and random strangers all over the place. For Anton Chernikov, in its essence, a good workspace is one that promotes innovation, is inclusive and is built on a solid foundation which is a united local community.

Upon completion of his architecture degree, Anton setup a design consultancy called Exponentials. He also works as a partner and Creative Director at a London based real estate firm called Alive who build and operate mixed-use rental housing developments in Central London. More recently An