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Re-imagine your workspace strategy for 2021

COVID has accelerated the adoption of remote working. As stated by the World Economic Forum, working from home for at least 2-3 days per week will become the norm (if it is not already) for most companies, including corporates. The latest US research reveals that 74% of businesses want some workers to permanently work remotely and business leaders are actively shedding leased office space – hinting that not everyone will go back to the office. It is likely that companies will look to significantly downsize their office space and switch to more flexible arrangements.

The question that remains is what will this so called 'flexible arrangement' look like?

Back-to-back video conferences, constant notifications, and isolation from peers can be overwhelming. There is still a need to meet in person and socialise with your team. Dropbox published this great article outlining their Virtual First strategy.

The office of the future will be about creating spaces for collaboration, creativity and community. The demand for rows of (not so hot) and fixed desks will diminish. After all is there anyone who actually believes that sitting for 2 hours a day in a rush hour commute only to sit alone behind a screen all day is a good idea. We believe that the demand for office space will reduce but the demand for meeting space will increase dramatically.

We have designed House of Transformation to provide companies and their staff with all the things that you can't get from working from home; creativity, community, human connection and professional development.

We have created the following weekly flow timetable;

Instead of paying for an unnecessary private office or an overpriced hotdesking memberships give your team access to this programme of experiences and a wider professional network that they can learn from and collaborate with. We can also collaborate to create specific events and team workshops on out program and unconference days.

We are merging access to workspace, community, culture and professional development into a single membership package.

If this somewhat radical approach appeals to you and your business please email

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