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HoT : Creating Spaces for Experimentation

House of Transformation was created during lockdown and we are the first to admit that we don’t know what the future holds, for the world or for our space. We have our own ideas and opinions, but no one can know for certain. What we can say with a greater degree of certainty is that the ability to prototype, test and iterate will help us get to the right answer.

Our purpose is to re-imagine how we design and use space to enhance wellbeing, showcase the arts, unleash circular economies and ignite lasting change within our communities.

We have defined three core values that we hope will shape and guide our behaviours.


Treat our space as if it were an extension of your home


Do more with less by sharing, re-using and recycling


The more you give to others, the more you will get in return

We encourage everyone who uses our space and engages with our community to honour these three values.


We wrote this article to explain in more depth how we are putting these values in practice.

For us, House of Transformation is first and foremost a space for experimentation. The cornerstones of any experimental community-led space are flexibility and affordability. Admittedly there are now platforms like Appear Here, Hire Space, Sook, HostbyLabs, Breather and Meanwhile Spaces.

However, we plan to offer more than just a neutral space. We want to be curators and sometimes even co-creators of unique experiences, community projects and startup ventures.

The design concept for our HoT Spaces is to create a fusion between a greenhouse sanctuary and an immersive theatre. We envision an intimate multi-sensory space that can host the widest possible range of events and experiences such as for team meetings, interactive workshops, educational programmes, training days, product launches, exhibitions, film screenings, intimate community gatherings, experiential dinners, yoga classes and more. Every component that we bring into the space is designed to be locally made, reused or recycled. Our vision is for the space to become a showroom for a more sustainable, affordable and multi-use approach to interior design and commercial asset management.

We are working with U-Build (CNC construction specialists) and First Call (event & theatre production) to design and renovate our space. U-Build aims to transform the way people think about buildings and the way they are built, by simplifying the construction process and enabling anyone to participate. First Call is a project management firm with access to over 200 skilled craftsmen. Their experience working to tight deadlines in the events industry will be invaluable as we look to team up with landlords and property investors to open future coliving and multi-use commercial HoT spaces.

We also want to get hands on in helping our members develop new products, attract new customers and establish new business partnerships. We believe that this is the moment to experiment with multi-use models, hybrid (online & offline) events and fusions between the green economy and the experience economy. There is another economy waiting to be unleashed. One that sees offices and high streets as more than just places for working and shopping, but as a platform for a whole range of other activities, such as making, sharing, cooking, learning, growing, repairing and meeting.

Our goal is to make it easier for local artists, musicians, wellness practitioners and chefs to showcase their work through hosting evening and weekend dinners and exhibitions. Instead of charging upfront, we agree a fair split of the ticket sales and help you to design and promote the event. This revenue sharing model allows us to make our spaces more accessible and affordable. We also don’t have fixed pricing for our spaces. Instead we aim to provide fair pricing. This means that we will consider an organisation or individual’s ability to pay and the impact of their event before making a decision on what to charge. Some organisations will pay less and some will pay more. This is an imperfect system, but one that we trust will make our space more accessible and inclusive.

We offer more than just a unique and affordable space. We can help with the concept development, marketing, food & drinks, event facilitation, tech (live streaming), documenting (filming and photography) and even fundraising.

So, if you have an idea for a project or an event that aligns with our purpose and values please get in touch -

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