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THE HOT SCHOOL Membership ​Idea

Re:thinking Personal & Professional Development​

For the past few months since opening our space we have been asking ourselves what would be the most relevant and useful way to deliver personal and professional development for people who live and work in the busy city of London. London is a young, creative and entrepreneurial place and on any given weekend or evening there are a wide range of options to choose from.

We came to the conclusion everything that we create at THE HOT SCHOOL needs to be adaptable to the busy lifestyles that we all lead. It also needs to be affordable and accessible to ensure a diversity of participants. And most importantly it needs to be action-orientated.

What Londoners need most of all is not to go on a long theoretical course but to establish a consistent monthly practice of self-reflection and collective action. It is so easy to slip into bad habits a few weeks after completing a course. This is where we believe House of Transformation can make the biggest contribution.

What we are creating is not rocket science. We are simply selecting a few of the most effective exercises that we have encountered over the years and then hosting regular re:alignment workshops on Saturdays. Instead of taking a course that you do once, sign up to a membership that will help you develop a monthly practice of personal and professional development.

These re:alignment workshops will give you the opportunity to slow down, tune into your body, re:align with your purpose, re:flect on your relationships and re:focus on what matters most. You also get discounted access to using the House of Transformation space (when it is not booked for events) and the benefit of deepening friendships with a local community of likeminded people. We will also introduce you to our wider network of wellness practitioners and performance coaches, depending on your needs and interests.

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