Re-imagining the Office Experience

Written by Anton Chernikov, illustrations created by Nooma Studio

The office of the future is all about people.

In a future where working from home 2-3 days a week becomes the norm, the commercial real estate operators and owners that will thrive will be the ones that focus on the way that people socialise and collaborate within their buildings. A prime location and an expensive interior fit out is no longer enough. What matters most is the culture and ecosystem of added value services and experiences that a workplace can provide. Operators need to focus not only on the physical design of their buildings, but also on the way they communicate and co-create with their tenants and members. We need to think about the fusion of the hardware and software of buildings, with a seamless flow between physical and digital environments. We need to pay much more attention towards recruiting high skilled staff and training them to use smart technologies to deliver a more personal and high value service. When it comes to the interior design we need to think much more deeply about wellbeing and sustainability. What does it mean to feel well? How do we measure it? How do we make coming into work a joyful experience? How do we help people shift towards healthier habits? How do our spaces tell a story? How do our spaces surprise and inspire? How do our spaces catalyse creativity, collaboration and authentic human connection? How can our tenants personalise and transform our spaces to reflect their own unique values and culture? How do we cultivate a culture within our operational teams of deeply listening to the needs of our community and then curating or co-creating a vibrant programme of events, dinners, exhibitions, performances, wellness classes, pop-up retail and brand partnerships to meet those needs? Simply demonstrating that you care about these questions and are committed to exploring them with your tenants and members is how you build an authentic culture and strong sense of community and belonging. This is the first step.

*These drawings were created in collaboration with us by Nooma Studio for a General Projects competition